Your donation will help Hatch Oregon achieve 3 goals in 2017:

1. Enhance our investment platform.

Our entrepreneurs have spoken, and we have improvements to make!

2. Expand our educational programs.

So that every entrepreneur and Oregonian can learn how to benefit from local investing.

3. Create a state-wide awareness campaign.

So that more Oregonians – young, old, rich, not-so-rich – become investors and are matched with entrepreneurs across the state!


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What is Hatch Oregon?

Hatch Oregon is the leading organization helping businesses to raise investment capital from their communities via the OIO.

A Community Public Offering is a new tool for Oregon-based businesses to raise up to $250,000 from fellow Oregonians. Made legal through the Oregon Intrastate Offering Exemption rules on January 15, 2015, it offers the chance to raise capital from ALL Oregon residents, regardless of wealth.

Local investing is good for businesses and good for investors (that’s all of us).

Two years ago, it was literally illegal for a local business to invite you (the general public) to invest in them. Now, the neighborhood grocery store, the local inventor, that ice cream store down the street, have a way to ask their customers and neighbors to invest in them. That’s a great thing, because when a local business does well, all their local investors directly benefit.

“Hatch Oregon has been a wonderful resource for our WebLively Community Public Offering campaign. Their passion and dedication to community capital is remarkable. They have given so much to this cause despite very limited resources. It is absolutely essential that their pioneering spirit be matched and supported by infrastructure and funding at the state level if this fledgling new resource for our local economy is to take wing and fly.”

Eli Eichenauer

co-founder and CEO, WebLively

Why should you care?

When locally-owned businesses thrive, our communities thrive along with them. They are pivotal to community wealth and economic health. Plus, small local businesses employ over half of Oregonians.

In order to thrive, businesses need access to capital.

We focus on making it easier for entrepreneurs to access capital because we believe in the power that businesses have to improve their communities. For a growing business, a small amount of capital can make a HUGE difference. $15,000 for a key piece of equipment, for example, can make a small manufacturer’s business ten times more efficient.

We paved the path for entrepreneurs, and they ran with it.

The fifteen companies that we have helped use the CPO have raised over $440,000 dollars so far. Over 400 Oregonians like you have invested directly in these local businesses.

“You mean to tell me that anyone in this room can invest in your company? That my grandchild can be an investor in your company?” Yes!


investor, BGood Bars

Imagine if every Oregonian knew about community investing.

Oregonians hold an enormous amount of untapped capital—capital that could serve the community by serving small business. If all Oregonians invested just 1% of what is sitting in their savings accounts, the amount would total one billion dollars!